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Dia Mater I 

Silkscreen on paper,
plexiglass & wood, light box,
prayer rugs, sound.

Shown at Art in General, New York.
Photo credit: Sarah Wells

Dia Mater presents an installation of lightbox mihrabs ( windows/ Muslim altars), contemplating silkscreen from simultaneous violent events that shook the artist back then: the Iraq invasion by the U.S and the Palestine and Yugoslav conflicts. The artist contextualizes the violence of those events through the story of the goddess Tiamat (the main character of the Babylon epic Enuma Elish, which narrates the world's creation through this matriarchal goddess,
that was brutally murdered by her grand grandson Marduk, culminating in the starting point of the patriarchy).
When creating those lightboxes mimicking windows/altars, the artist invites the public to witness the violence against women, children and soldiers that were never shown in the
television or the news. 

Dia Mater I is part of the series It's Still Time to Mourn (Tempos de Luto) that is also composed by the installation: 
Dia Mater II exhibited at Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), São Paulo, Brazil (1993) and the artist book:
 It's Still Time to Mourn (1992).

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