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Dia Mater II

Silkscreen  and xerox on paper, sound, prayer rugs weaved by displaced Afghanistan women and children, military camouflage netting, wooden lightbox silkscreen coffin, sand, stones and shoes.

Shown at Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), São Paulo, Brazil. 

Photo credit: João Musa.

"The title of the installations, Dia Mater alludes to the Babylonian creation epic "Enuma Elish," which relates the brutal description of how the mother goddess Tiamat was killed by her great, great, great, grandson Marduk". 

Julia P. Herzberg


Dia Mater II is part of the series It's Still Time to Mourn (Tempos de Luto) that is also composed by the installation:
Dia Mater I exhibited at Art In General,
New York (1993)
 and the artist book:
 It's Still Time to Mourn (1992).

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