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It's Still Time to Mourn

A memorial book - combined excerpts from the diary of Aboud an Iraqi soldier found dead after the war on the road from Kuwait to Baghdad with the author's own Diary of Images.


"The artist designed her book entitled Diary of Images: It's Still Time to Mourn in the form of a prayer book so as
to retain the highly personal and meditative nature of the
soldier's journal" 

Julia P. Herzberg

Artist's book.

64 pages. Offset.
Published by Visual Studies
Workshop Press. New York.
Edition: 750.


It's Still Time to Mourn is part of the series It's Still Time to Mourn (Tempos de Luto) that is also composed by the installations: Dia Mater I exhibited at Art In General, NY (1993)  &
Dia Mater II exhibited at Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP),
São Paulo, Brazil (1993)

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