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                                      is a bilingual visual and poetic documentation of the wide-ranging oeuvre of Brazilian/American artist Josely Carvalho, including painting, photography, printmaking, webwork, installation, and book art.The monograph traces the artist’s activism in social justice and feminism back to the 1970s and 1980s and takes the reader up to her present-day explorations into olfactory art.

Published by Contra Capa Publisher in Rio de Janeiro, Diary of Images is 256 pages, with numerous color photographs. It includes critical texts by Lucy Lippard, Julia. P. Herzberg, Paulo Herkenhoff, Ivo Mesquita, Katia Canton, Ana Mae Barbosa and Luiz Meira de Vasconcellos

Most recently, Josely Carvalho has exhibited in several museums in Brazil and is part of the Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-85 exhibition shown at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles in 2017, the Brooklyn Museum in New York City and Pinacoteca de São Paulo in 2018.

To obtain a copy in the US or for more information, please contact:
If you are in Brazil, you can purchase directly from the following bookstores:

Contra Capa Editora (Rio de Janeiro)

Travessa (Rio de Janeiro)
Saraiva (Rio de Janeiro)

Argumento (Rio de Janeiro)

Martins Fontes (São Paulo)

If you are in Lisbon, you can find in Livraria da Travessa:

Diary of Images

diary of smells

Diary of Smells

                                          is an on-going cross-disciplinary sensorial project considering the olfactory as protagonist among other typically dominant components in contemporary art such as video, sound, photography, bookart and installations. Each artwork represents a page from the diary, such as URU-KUPassages, ShardsGlass Ceiling, Affectio. Below, the projects page on Instagram @diaryofsmells.

Her successive works come together like the pages of a book, a file of stories, individual and collective memories, with different levels of narrative and reading.  (Ivo Mesquita)

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