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Smell of Fish
(1984 - 1985)

Smell of Fish, 1985 

let us pray, says a colossal bird

dressed in purple

he chews a couple of breasts in a swirl of desire

let us pray to our demons

the demons that free ourselves from our own prisons


smell of fish

cannibal of fantasies

sorghum wrapped in guilt

layers of unclear memories

let us pray to the memory notes of our growing up

transparent visions of lost childhoods

smell of fish

translucent discharge

lubricating pleasure

deep caverns embedded in sexual sounds

retrace grandma’ stories

connecting little girls with future smell of codfish


from the body of Christ!, says the weightlifter

news is funneling of those who have been killed

mutilated assaulted poisoned forgotten

just across

the other side of the river

smell of fish

mea culpa!, screams the bird in flight

                                                           Josely Carvalho

Smell of Fish series is also
composed by the installation
The Meal (1985), the artist book
The Meal (1985)

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