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The Meal

Installation/ Performance.
Screenprint and dyes on seven silk panels, plexiglass, six slide projectors, wine, glass, resin, voice and poetry.

Dimensions: variable

Smell of Fish series is also
composed by paintings (1984-1985)

 drawings(1984-1985) &
the artist book The Meal (1985).

This installation is based upon the prejudices and false myths that are culturally imposed upon women.
As an example, the title of the work refers to one such prejudice that still lingers in the artist's memory. During childhood, Carvalho's grandmother's used to say:
"If you don’t shower, you are gonna smell like codfish.". By interweaving images and text, the artist alludes to those false myths that have entrapped women, childhood memories, and sexual fantasies. Attempting to counter the negative images of women as idealised representations for man's delectation, Carvalho has
re-presented the female nude as an active, procreative, and self-empowered tool.

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