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Video projection and video shown in monitor, sawdust, wooden trunks.

Shown at Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA. 

"When I was a child, I use to spend my vacations in Paraná. From that period, I remember the tall Araucária trees and the stories about the Xetá, an indigenous tribe that inhabited the Serra dos Dourados region. They were identified and classified by the scientific community at the end of 1950s as a group still living with Stone Age habits. The invasion of their land happened as part of the expansion of coffee farms and government incentive to land development. Today, 50 years later, Xetá is an extinct indigenous tribe. I was told that perhaps, one woman is still alive, living today in a mental hospital. The installation, through a video projection in a croner wall, brings the presence of this woman. The digital image suggests her psychic labyrinth while I enter into my computer looking for the layers of our solitude."

Josely Carvalho

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