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Diary of Smells: Passages 

 For this exhibition, the artist also disposed 1500 of empty perfume bottles at the entrance of the show, inviting the viewers to fill the flasks with a visual representation of a smell memory. This is an on going installation that has flasks added each time it is presented, for new collaborations with the public.


Entering the main space, the artist presented 1000 molded resin/glass branches constructed as an abandoned nest. Smell of Nest exhaled from the sculpture and the other 3 smells (Open Sea, Hot Sun and Wet Earth) were experienced through personal dispensers. Six channels sound algorithmically manipulated by computer programming, light, mirrored floor tiles.

A video projected smell memories given by the public previously, through a smell-memory-blog

Exhibited at SESC São Carlos,
São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil.

Photo credit: Sung Pyo Hong

Nidus Vitreo is  the construction of a fragile nest as a collective shelter. It has been developed as the following  installations:
Architectando (2008),
Architectando: Elias's Nest (2009),
Nidus Vitreo (2011), Passages (2012)

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