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Nidus Vitreo

Site-specific interactive installation, 1000 resin/glass molded branches, video projection and six channels sound algorithmically manipulated by computer programming, mirrored floor tiles, four smells (Smell of Nest, Open Sea, Hot Sun and Wet Earth) and computer. 

The construction of this installation was based on avian architecture. Smell of Nest exhaled from the sculpture while the other 3 smells were experienced through personal dispensers. Video projected smell memories from the artist’s blog.  

Exhibited at Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Photo credit: Luciano Mattos Bogado

Nidus Vitreo is  the construction of a fragile nest as a collective shelter. It has been developed as the following  installations: Architectando (2008), Architectando: Elias's Nest (2009),
Nidus Vitreo (2011), Passages (2012).

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