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Cirandas I

Video projection, sound, silkscr
een on the walls, grafitti in the bathroom, bullets, wood coffin
and list of violated children

Exhibited at Intar Gallery, New York.

Cirandas I, looks at these children through the eyes of three Brazilian activists. Although taking photographs is usually the starting point of my working process, this time I realized that I didn't want to photograph these children`s lives without having established a relationship with them. Thus, I add to my images of children, collected through the years, photos, stories and moments given to me by these three activists. 

Cirandas is an extended project examining violence against children in Brazil and the United States. For several years, I have been collecting material on all aspects of children`s rights, and in February 1993,I spent two months in Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro gathering material for Cirandas I, a word meaning the innocent play of children moving and singing in a circle. 


Josely Carvalho

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