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Cirandas II

Cirandas II, adds the violence children in the US have been exposed lately. It is  conceiveid through the eyes of Children`s Express, a group of young kids based in Oakland and New York, documenting the violent
histories their piers have
been living in the US.

​Cirandas is an extended project examining violence against children in Brazil and the United States. For several years, I have been collecting material on all aspects of children`s rights, and in February 1993, I spent two months in Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro gathering material for Cirandas I, a word meaning the innocent play of children moving and singing in a circle.

Josely Carvalho



Video projection, sound, silkscreen on the walls, lightbox silkscreen window, baptismal sink, xerox list of violated children.

Exhibited at Museu de Arte Contemporânea de São Paulo (MAC-SP). 

Photo credit: 
Eduardo Climachauska

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