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Book of Smells

18 inkjet print on Fine Art Harman Gloss 320g Book of Smells series, book/object
Book of Smells, herbs, file cabinet.

Book of Smells is a photographic registry of herbs that the women from the Quilombola community utilizes for generations to cook and make natural medications. Those herbs were presented to the artist during her residency. She placed in her diary, archiving the smells in its pages. She photographed each page in its process from fresh to dried herbs. Photos were printed in ink jet process, framed and the diary was kept inside an broken old file archive she found in the surroundings of the Gallery. 

Exhibited at Galeria de Arte
Casarão, Viana, Espírito Santo, Brazil. 

Photo credit: Tom Boechat

Book of Smells was part of the artistic residence: "Mas que arte cabe numa cidade?"
(But, which art fits in a city?)
accomplished by the artist in Viana,
a city in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil
The installations URU-KU: the forgotten disciplines, Smell Flasks and
Book of Smells composed this project.

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