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In The Name of the Birds...

Silkscreen on Amate bark paper, raffia, branches gnawed by beavers, gauze, stuffed turtles, sawdust.
Dimensions: variable.

In this installation, the artist approaches a very touching subject to her, the extinction of the indigenous tribe Xetá, that inhabited the Serra dos Dourados, in the north of  Paraná, Brazil. The first sight of the existence of this local community was found in the same region where the artist’s father had a farm, which enabled the artist to have close access to the area, guiding her to extensive research, in order to understand more profoundly their culture. This installation intends to rescue Xetá through images, sculptures and stories, and also question this merciless extinction of the small tribes by the
mainstream culture. 

​Photo credit: Maryland Institute College
of Art, Baltimore, MD.

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