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History: cannon 37 - SIGA nº 015884

  This flat-mouthed bronze cannon was the first one cast by the Arsenal de Guerra da Corte in the former foundry of Ponta de Areia, in Niterói. He is affectionately nicknamed “Garoto” due to the shape of his mouth, which resembles the confectionery “boy pastille” produced by the Garoto chocolate factory in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo.

  The body of the cannon has an approximately rectangular shape, and the frames of the reinforcements are smooth, without decorations. Although the intended function of this cannon is not known, it is certain that the weapon never participated in a battle. When the National Historical Museum was created, it was incorporated into the collection.

  Within history, much information is uncertain and comes from interpretations of documents leftto posterity. We recognize ourselves as historical beings who produce knowledge and need to value and comprehend our own culture. Unfortunately, the erasure and invisibility of numerous peoples and cultures results in the loss of future interpretations of the many facets of our world.

smell Illusion LAGO0685/00

  An unsettling scent, with earthy, woody and salty notes. Dirty clay, liqueur smell, alcohol, excesses of vanilla. Illusion. A floral chypre, also masculine with geraniums. Oak moss, amber notes and velvety sandalwood. Intense touches of patchouli and tuberose bring this scent closer to the earth, while notes of civet create intensity.


  It is a disturbing mixture that reproduces the smells of vomit along with earth, wood, and milk. It stings the nose and becomes bitter. Indolic scents suggest green stalks of plants rubbed into the earth. A scent that plays on the ideas of what this cannon could have been.

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