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History cannon 1 | 006920

   This cannon ornamented with the coat of arms of King Louis XIV, the "Sun King”of France, was used by the French corsair 
Duguay-Trouin during the French invasion in Rio de Janeiro in 1711.
The pirate was supplied with a fleet of 17 ships, 738 cannons
and 6139 men intended to clear the bankruptcy, to rescue French prisoners from the city and take away some territory since France was losing the war. This war started on European soil and
extended to the Americas due to disputes on overseas territories and on the continent.


  The Spanish Succession War (1701-1714) took place at the end
of the line of heirs to the Spanish crown, and thus, Duke of Anjou, grandson of Louis XIV, ascended the throne, beginning the French Bourbon dynasty. Considering this, France would not only have control over its own territory, but over Spain and its colonies, which frightened the other European powers in face of this great concentrated domain.
Due to these circumstances of territorial disputes for European hegemony, France sends the privateer to
Rio de Janeiro so that a colony could be conquered. After some conflicts on the coast, the pirate threatened to destroy the forts
of Rio de Janeiro if a ransom in gold was not paid.


  The acting governor of the city, the Portuguese, Francisco de Moraes de Castro agreed to do so in the face of the evident defeat. Duguay-Trouin left the city with the equivalent of £ 4 million, including a shipment of black slaves that he would later sell in Cayenne, the current capital of French Guiana. During this period, gold mining in Brazil made the volume of the slave trade to be the largest among European colonies.


  Between 1701 and 1720, approximately 292 thousand enslaved Africans disembarked at Brazilian ports. If in that period the enslaved blacks brought from the African coast were deprived of any dignity, now, in 2020, due to the pandemic circumstance, the levels of inequality and vulnerability associated with this segment
of the population are revealed. In a bulletin of June 18, 2020 released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health 54.8% of deaths recorded by Covid-19 are of black or brown people. Therefore,
it is clear that the unequal foundation on which our society was
built makes it today, non-democratic and biased in terms of public health policies, among other assists that constitute a fundamental right of citizenship.


smell Delirium PBX00014JK

  Delirium, in Freudian theory,  can be a way to fulfill a desire or sensorial awakening. In the elaboration of the smell we could not fail to include in Delirium, the thirst for economic power brought by the first colonizers in their search of fortune in this land. Creosol.


  Phenolic scent, dry and dominated by the clove that sharpens taste and smell. Hallucination of the Ylang flower. Drunken. Alcohol. At Cistus Labdanum Spain we find the sweetness of honey and the bitterness of propolis as a boosting agent. It can burn. Jasmine, a fragrance that takes us into the darkness of delirium.  We added the deep essence of Isobutyl salicylate to include strong masculine notes of leather present in the colonizers.


That is the cannon’s history and the reasons 
it is associated with the smell Delirium in cannon #1
These questions are bridges between you and 
passages of Brazilian History - past and present.

It would be exciting to have your 
contribution in the construction of an 

imaginary collective smell glossary

There is a smell that provokes you Delirium?
Try to describe it.

If madness had a smell, what would be its characteristics?
Imagine that you are a colonizer arriving in the Americas.
What smells you would encounter?

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