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When an Olfactory Artist Loses Her Sense of Smell

An Interview with Josely Carvalho by Caro Verbeek, curator, art historian and sense museologist based in Netherlands

"Through emails and a Zoom-meeting with an ocean between us and isolated in our homes, I interviewed olfactory artist Josely Carvalho on her work and recent experiences with Covid-19. What happens when an award winning olfactory artist – and of course ‘simply’ a human being – loses her sense of smell?" (Caro Verbeek, in the site Futurist Scent, May 2, 2020)

"Smell emanates from the guts of my artwork – from the necessity to articulate issues, anxieties and questions through affections." (Josely Carvalho)

In my latest interview written by Caro Verbeek for the site Futurist Scent I discuss my olfaction research, my artwork and how Covid19 entered in my life as an artist.

Read in full here.


Na recente entrevista escrita para o site Futurist Scent, por Caro Verbeek, curadora, historiadora da arte e museóloga especializada em arte e olfato e residente na Holanda, . discuto minha pesquisa olfativa e como Covid19 penetrou minha vida de artista.

Disponível apenas em inglês, aqui.

Photo credit/ Foto: Pat Kilgore


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