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My Body is my Country, a fragment

Preparing to bring in the site, the second smell, of the installation Within the Smells of History, I remembered a poetry I wrote in 1991, as part of chapter of Diary of Images entitled My Body is my Country. Since we started the pandemic, Covid-19 and us, have entered our bodies. Country here is seen as the universe for me. It is from inside the body that the new smell of RAINFOREST is felt. I am placing a fragment of My Body is my Country.

The Rape and Revenge of Gaia, silkscreen on Amate paper, raffia and branches eaten by beavers. 1987

The body is the landscape of my soul

A procession of memories

to the origin of being female

...the turtle carries her shell through waters and savannahs...

We can't breathe

Trees were scorched

Forests massacred

Rivers swallowed

Mountains ravished

She screams from deep caverns

She revenges the unnecessary sacrifice of her blood.

My Body is my Country

An enlarged boa swallowing its own entrails

A landscape of flesh made of transparent reds

Earth still hopes for the tranquility of a mountain

Several branches are already barren

Fires devour identities

Murderous intentions

Enchantment was broken

Innocence was lost

...The turtle hibernates inside her carapace

She protects her wings for the next migration...

Voices roam around decimated topographies

Penetrate into woodlands of desperation

Red rivers enter mountains cut by golden nuggets fever

At night,

Searching for land

Miners enter indigenous territories

While bodies embrace dead branches.

Earth bleeds


She penetrates a seascape of mourning

My country oozes

The dolphin is the prey of tuna fishing

The soil is my flesh

Earth weeps benumbed fluids

Extinct semen

Cracked egg

Corpse born from savage rape

...The turtle returns to the oleaginous sea after

depositing its uncertain future on the honeyed sands...

The sea turtle is the catch of shrimp fishing

Oceans choke on excrement

Birds drench their thirst with oil

My Body is my Country

A resilient mass that stretches to embrace my territory

A land of iron, memories and resistance.



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