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ART IN NEW YORK CITY, Suspensio, an Interruption in Time, an installation by Josely Carvalho

"The installation will be on view from September 2nd to October 2nd, 2021 at Olfactory Art Keller at 25 Henry St.. An olfactory and sculpture installation by Brazilian multi-sensory artist Josely Carvalho based in New York was created during the period of Covid 19. Upon entering the gallery, one is enveloped in a deep blue light, encountering four smells encapsulated in crystal beads and inserted into blown glass sculptural branches, Dodo bird claws, and empty nests. The smells, Burrow, Incense II, Emptiness, and Suspension, were created by the artist in collaboration with Leandro Petit of Givaudan do Brasil. Several events such as Chinatown neighborhood Smell Walk, Artist talk and Draw with smell crayons with the artist are scheduled through the month of September. More info: or email:"

Photo credit: Alex Trippe


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