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diary of smells: ANOXIA

A new page of Diary of Smells now at NYC. ON VIEW AT HARVESTWORKS / GOVERNOR'S ISLAND, NYC Opening on Saturday, September 14th from 11am-5pm

September 14 - October 27, 2019 Saturdays & Sundays 11am - 5pm Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island, New York City

Diary of Smells: Anoxia, an installation by Josely Carvalho of recent glass vessels and smells inspired by glass shards, memory, and resilience, will be on view at Harvestworks on Governors Island, NYC beginning Saturday, September 14th. Diary of Smells is an ongoing project placing the sense of smell as protagonist among visual and sound mediums. Originally initiated with her collection of broken wine glasses as a metaphor for our personal shards, the project expanded to embrace the collective experience and the artist's own participation in the demonstrations on the streets of Rio de Janeiro in 2013. Based on these experiences, she created several smells as memory traces based on protests and police violence. Today, the Amazon rain forest, the lung that produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen, is on fire. The far-right populist president of Brazil has weakened the Amazon’s environmental protections opening up the rainforest to economic development. In response, Josely has selected three smells: Barricade, a burning smell from destroyed forests. Lacrimae, the smell of tear gas and tears of sadness. Anoxia, asphyxia produced by the absence of oxygen. In addition, the video Glass Memory plays as a meditation on the power of fire to create and destroy keeping in its entrails the memory of revolution, resistance, and renovation.

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