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History cannon 24  | 015897

  This howitzer was cast by order of Marquis de Pombal, whose coat
of arms decorates the piece. In 1750, Marquês de Pombal assumed the post of Prime Minister of Portugal, administering Portugal and its colonies. The almost 30 years in which he was in power directly influenced the colonization process in Brazil, called the Pombaline Era.

  The marquis took a series of measures that not only maintained the commercial monopoly with the Brazilian colony, but also strengthened the metropolitan domination. Some of these measures were: the extinction of the hereditary captaincy system, the intensification of exploration of gold thus reinforcing the persistent greed that we still
see today. At that time, the capital of Brazil was transferred from Salvador to Rio de Janeiro promoting the economic prevalence of the southeast compared to the northeast region. The favoring of the Brazilian South and Southeast regions over the northeast is notable throughout the country's history.

  Today, for example, in the year 2020, the Northeast region received only 3% of the funding released for the Bolsa Família program, compared to the South and Southeast regions that received 75%.
The Bolsa Família is a federal program that provides financial resources to families in poverty and extreme poverty. In its bylaws, it privileges families in greater social vulnerability in less assisted municipalities. 
In theory, it should benefit the North and Northeast regions where the most miserable families in the country are concentrated.

smell Persistence

  The smell of a potent flower. A dominant and eager floral. Gift. The smell of gardenia, alone, without interference from other molecules. It enters the body. It invades through the skin. A memorable gardenia smell. Persistent. Overpowering. A unique flower fragrance that dominates the body and imposes its strength. 


That is the cannon’s history and the reasons 
it is associated with the smell Persistence
These questions are bridges between you and 
passages of Brazilian History - past and present.
Contribute in the construction of the 
smell's collective imagination.
Persistence can be insistence on resisting.
Do you know any smell that insists on staying?
Which remains even after is gone?
Which resists time?
Try to describe it.

Answer here