Smell Flasks

Perfume flasks, video
projection, cabinet file.

Previous to the opening, 300 perfume bottles were available to individuals in the town of Viana, Espírito Santo.
They were invited to fill it with a memory of a smell.

Shown at Galeria de Arte Casarão, Viana, Espirito Santo, Brazil. 

Photo credit: Tom Boechat


Smell Flasks was part of the artistic residence: "Mas que arte cabe numa cidade?"
(But, which art fits in a city?)
accomplished by the artist in Viana,
a city in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil
The installations URU-KU: the forgotten disciplines, Smell Flasks and
Book of Smells composed this project
that is also part of the Diary of Smells series.