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History cannon 37  | 015884

  This flattened bronze cannon was the first one cast by the Court's War Arsenal, in the former Ponta de Areia Foundry in Niterói. He is affectionately nicknamed "Garoto" (“Kiddy” or “Boy”) due to the shape of his mouth being similar to the candy "Garoto", produced by the Brazilian chocolate factory "Garoto" in the city of Vila Velha in the state of Espírito Santo.


  The body of the piece has an approximately rectangular shape with round angles, the frames of the reinforcements are smooth, without decorations. The proposed function of this experiment cannon is unclear, but it never participated in a battle. In the creation of the Museu Histórico Nacional, this cannon was incorporated in museum collections.

  Much information is uncertain in history. it comes from interpretations of documents left by those who have experienced certain moments. The necessity to value and register culture comes from the recognition that we are knowledge-producing beings. The erasure and invisibility
of peoples and cultures promotes an irreparable loss of future interpretations on the many facets of the world we live in.

smell Illusion

  An unsettling smell, with earthy, woody and salty notes. Dirty clay, luscious smell, alcohol, vanilla excesses. Illusion. A floral cyprus, but masculine, with geraniums, oak moss and amber notes and velvety sandalwood. Intense touches of patchouli and tuberose bring this smell to earth, while notes of civet make it intense.


  A disturbing mixture reproduces the smells of vomit with earth, wood and milk. It pricks the nose and becomes bitter. Its green stalks look like plants rubbed into the earth, with indolic scents. It is a smell that plays with the illusion of what this cannon could have been, since it is known that this little cannon was never part of a battle.


That is the cannon’s history and the reasons 
it is associated with the smell Illusion
These questions are bridges between you and 
passages of Brazilian History - past and present.
Contribute in the construction of the 
smell's collective imagination.
Illusions are a tricky mental situation.
Could be good or/and bad.
Do you have any memories of feeling
illuded by someone, by yourself?
How this circumstance would smell?


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