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The installation Suspensio: An interruption in Time portraits the experience of confinement provoked by the pandemic that took the artist to find refuge  in the backyard of her studio in New York.
It  is constructed by a new series of unique blown-glass sculptures in the shape of branches suspended in the air, abandoned nests, claws based on the extinct Dodo bird, dead branches from her garden painted in red and encapsulated smells as tiny eggs developed in collaboration with Leandro Petit of Givaudan do Brasil. 
As one enters the gallery, one is enveloped in a deep blue light and encounters four smells inserted in the blown glass sculptures.
They are: Burrow, an animalic scent, made of dark notes that transport us inside the protective nest of the earth. Incense II calls to mind the freshness of forests and tree resins.
Emptiness interprets the discomfort of feeling displaced in space and time and Suspension as the duality of being cocooned while facing danger and risk. In the world of Suspensio, there is a meditative tranquility amidst uncertainty and fear - a memorial to our individual and collective
losses in a moment of social, racial,
political and environmental crisis. 

Olfactory Art Keller, New York, USA.
(Sep. 1st - Oct 2nd, 2021)

Photo credit: Alex Trippe

Access the catalog here

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